Janome Serger 3434D Serger Overlock Review – A Closer Look At Its Features


Product Overview: Janome Serger 3434D Serger Overlock

Janome Serger 3434D is made in Taiwan. This unit may look like the same serging machines that you can find on the market. But it has its own features that make this model worth an investment.

It’s more than just a basic 2/3/4 thread machine made for seamstress who want an easy-to-use machine. This is perfect for a beginner, someone who hasn’t used a serger before. It comes with easy threading feature with built-in sewing light making it easier for you to start sewing.

Stitch Options

Janome Serger 3434D SergerOverlock has 4-thread and 3-thread stitching options. With these options, you can easily produce ruffles and rolled hems. The 3 and 4-thread serging functions will allow you to cut, seam and finish obtaining professional results.

If you need to narrow hems or overlook flatlook, you can easily use its 3-thread overlock feature. This feature is also great if you need to produce lettuce edging or add decorative effects to your project.

To give your garment an extra strength, the 4-thread overlock stitch will help you out.


Janome Serger 3434D is a fast serging machine that can produce 1,300 stitches a minute.

Additional Features

Other features of this machine will include the following:

  • Adjustable pressure. This gives you an easy access to its screw making it easier to handle the fabric you’re working on.
  • Adjustable different feed. For better, professional results, you can adjust the machine from 0.5 to 2.2, depending on the fabric you’re dealing with. This feature is also useful in performing specialty techniques.
  • Easy-to-access external dial. This makes it easier to adjust the different feed.
  • Adjustable stitch length. You can adjust the length of the stitch. You can go from 1 mm to 4 mm.
  • Built-in cutter. This makes it easier for you to cut the thread in one sweep.
  • Speed control. This allows you to have steady, powerful control over the speed of your task.
  • With easy-to-carry handle. If you need to take it with you wherever you go, you can carry this serging machine with no trouble.

Overall review

Janome Serger 3434D SergerOverlock is an easy-to-use machine that lets you stitch any type of fabric and produce professional results. It performs quickly and it operates quietly. Within just a few minutes, you can already produce rolled hems or whatever serging tasks you want to accomplish.


  • Very portable
  • Comes with tons of accessories
  • Covered with 5 years warranty on mechanical parts and 2 years on electrical parts
  • Easy to use machine
  • Available at a great price from Amazon
  • Easy to thread or re-thread
  • Ideal for diverse fabric


  • Offers very basic features. This is a disadvantage on your part if you’re an expert user of serging machine.
  • Has slight tension issue. A few customers did complain about experiencing this type of problem.


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