Best Serger Machines – Reviews and Buying Guides

If you want to take your sewing projects to the next level, then purchasing a serger is definitely a must. Also called an overlock machine, a serger can make any piece of garment looks clean and professional as it seams and sews at the same time while functioning twice the speed of a sewing machine. The problem though is it can be quite overwhelming and intimidating to choose what serger to buy, with all the options available in the market today.

The thing is, there is no universal best serger that applies to everyone as it differs depending on one’s sewing level and purpose for getting the machine in the first place. Is it for personal or home use? Are you a beginner or a seasoned seamstress or tailor? Are you be using it for your business? Or perhaps you want to venture into more decorative stitches or maybe sew a lot of knits.

Having said that, read on to find out which serger sewing machine best fit your needs.

Best Serger For Beginners

BROTHER 1034DX SERGER – Best Entry Level and Budget Serger

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Brother 1034DX (formerly 1034d) is our top choice for the best serger because it is user-friendly for beginners yet versatile enough for professional sewers. We have used this machine for more than 3 years (We sew professionally) and it has never once failed us so we are speaking from our own experience. Loaded with tons of useful features and functions, not to mention the very reasonable price tag (less than $200), this overlock machine should be on the top lists for those who are looking to purchase one.

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SINGER 14CG754 ProFinish Serger Sewing Machine

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We were able to try this machine at our local dealer when I was on my first hunt for a beginner serger. The simplicity of it’s built is what first attracted us most because it looks easy to use. And true enough, this machine will eliminate the common belief that sergers are intimidating. You just have to sit down, thread it and you will find yourself serging in no time.

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JUKI MO644D Portable Serger

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This is one of Juki’s basic model but it’s not short of excellent features when it comes to delivering perfect finished edges and decorative stitches. If you are looking for a serger with more advanced features but does not add up too much on the price tag, then this is definitely a great option to look at. With advanced features such as automatic rolled hem and multi-functional presser foot,the JUKI MO644D Serger maybe called portable but it’s definitely sturdy and reliable.

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Best Serger with Advanced Features

Brother Designio Series DZ1234 Serger

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This Brother serger model is practically the same machine as the Brother 1034DX except for the decorative housing and the extra accessories it comes with. It comes with gathering foot, blind hem stitch foot and piping foot all of which are not included with the 1034DX Model. You can however purchase these foot separately in case you happen to need it in the future.

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Singer 14T968DC

Professional Overlock Machine

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The SINGER 14T968DC Professional Overlock Machine is another one of our top choice for professional serger mainly because of it’s excellent automatic features combined with it’s ease of use and affordability in price. A self-adjusting tension that is fully automatic, variety in stitch capability and tons of decorative stitches, this Singer serger machine definitely is designed to make the professional sewer’s life simple and hassle-free.

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Best Serger Coverstitch Machine

If you plan on sewing a lot of knits such as t-shirts, fitness wear, lycra, jersery and other super stretch knit fabrics, then a serger with coverstich is what you need. Basically, a coverstitch looks like two rows of stitching on top of a garment and a serger like stitch on the back that appears very professional and clean. It’s the type of stitch that you usually see on t-shirts. A serger with coverstitch basically handles the stretchability of the fabric and the covering of raw edges all in one pass.

Brother 2340CV Cover Stitch – Best Serger for Knits

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You can definitely expand your creativity with this advanced serger from Brother with it’s wide range of cover stitches that are both decorative and constructive. It features wide and narrow cover stitches and tri-cover stitch plus adjustment for the stitch length and easy color-coded threading. For more sophisticated and high-quality finish, this machine is definitely our top choice with its user-friendly features that make hemming and topstiching fabric a breeze.

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Juki MO-735 5-Thread Serger & Cover Hem

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If you have a more flexible budget, this Juki Model with Cover Hem is a great contender as it has a wide variety of 2/3/4 thread overlock stitch variations, 24 options the last time we counted. It has the ability to create trendy sportswear, children’s and active wear in the latest sophisticated style

Best Heavy Duty Serger

These models are excellent at sewing and serger multiple layers of heavy fabric such as denim and leather. Our top two choices are from Brother and Singer Brands.

Brother Sewing ST4031HD Brother Strong and Tough Serger

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Featuring a strong metal interior frame and cemented carbide metal blade, this machine covers not only heavy duty fabric but lightweight knits as well. The machine boasts of stability and durability for tackling big projects that require high performance and speed. Despite it’s heavy duty features, it also functions just like a standard serger as it has the capability to gather ruffles and creative decorative stitches. Super versatile and highly functioning, this is top choice for heavy duty serging and sewing projects.


When shopping for a serger, you should also check what kind of stitches so you can best decide on which one best suits your need. Sergers or overlock machines are mainly use for finishing raw edges but it can also offer so much more which can make your sewing projects even more professional. Here are the different type of serger stitches and where they are best used for.

3-Thread Overlock

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It’s a basic serger stitch that is formed using two loopers and one needle. Oftentimes, it’s used to clear out seam allowances that have been sewn using a straight stitch. But it’s not utilized to sew two pieces of fabric together as it’s not strong enough to hold the two.

4-thread overlock

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It looks the same way as the 3-thread overlock stitch but this one is made of two looper threads, instead of just one. Because it’s stronger than the 3-thread, it’s a more appropriate stitch for sewing two lightweight fabric together. Since it’s flexible enough, it’s great for sewing stretch fabrics.

Rolled hems

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This type of stitch produces small-turned hem. This finish is used on delicate fabric life chiffon.


Its back side forms a pattern that looks like a ladder. It uses two bobbins so the stitches are not joined from side to side. Oftentimes, it’s used to complete the hem of any pants, skirts and/or skirts.


It’s a basic stitch that forms a line with interlocking loops, ergo, a chain-like pattern. Chainstitch is often used to outline and fill spaces. This is one of the most common stitches that can be adapted to different stitching techniques.

Safety stitch

It uses 2 needles in order to create stronger seam. This type of stitch is used to join seams of sportswear or work clothes.


This type of stitch is a variation of flat-lock stitch. It’s especially useful in stitching lightweight fabric. The threads are locked at the edge of the fabric, rather than at the needle.


It’s a decorative stitch and it’s often used in active wear. It looks like it has two flat raw edges. These edges are sewn together but there’s no overlapping or seam allowance.


It’s a type of stitch used for edging, seaming and hemming two pieces of cloth. The appearance of this stitch depends on several factors, like the length of the stitch, thread count, etc. Overlock is used to complete the seams of garments that are made from Lycra, spandex or jersey.